Single Retractable Screen Doors

Highest quality screen doors for your home or office.  The best part is that they retract and disappear when not in use!

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Showing all 9 results

The Best Screen Doors

If you are looking for a screen solution for your doorway that works seamlessly, and can go from visible to invisible in a matter of seconds, then a retractable screen door from DIYScreensDirect is your answer. These next-generation screen doors offer the advantages of a traditional screen door with the added ability to glide quickly and silently into the recess of your door frame, completely out of view.

The function and innovation of retractable screen doors makes them a favorite of our loyal customers here at DIYScreensDirect. For the homeowner or interior designer who prefers a clean, open aesthetic but desires the protection from insects and other elements that a screen door provides, the retractable screen door provides a perfect solution.

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Special features of our retractable screen doors include full-length magnetic seals and cast metal ergonomic handles that are easily accessible and will blend with any design aesthetic. Some of our models include adjustable panels that can be made to fit virtually any size entryway, including uneven openings. We even have single retractable screen doors available with push button technology that allows their movement to be controlled with a simple tap of a finger.

Once you order from our large selection of retractable screen doors, we will be sure to have your door to you as quickly as possible. Even better—your door system will come to you pre-packaged for the easiest, most direct installation possible. We only offer products that we know our customers will be find pleasing in not only design and function, but in ease of installation.

Our dedicated team of customer service professionals is here for you at all times. If you have any questions at any step along the way—from evaluating your screen door options, to assisting you at any point during the installation process—then we hope that you will not hesitate to reach out to us about your needs. We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing the best in product and service to our customers, and look forward to demonstrating this dedication to excellence to you.