Genius COOL Retractable Screen Door – For Sliding Doors



Genius COOL Retractable Screen Door – For Sliding Doors

    • Convenience: Enjoy the view and breeze without the hassle of a traditional screen door. The COOL retractable sliding screen door is an easy solution for homes with pets, children or simply for those who want to enjoy fresh air in the comfort of your home. When not in use, screens are easily retracted out of the way with one-handed operation. These products ship within 24-48 hours.
    • Easy Installation: Our sliding screen doors are designed to be easily installed by anyone in less than 30 minutes. No metal cutting required!
    • Versatility: Created for sliding doors which are 32”-36” wide and 78” tall with flush, short, or long sill types. Handle orientation is adjustable. 
    • Durable Materials : Made from high-quality fiberglass, our screen doors are built to last! Complete with UV inhibitors within the paints and resins, you’ll enjoy complete air circulation without the sun’s harsh glare. We use only premium aluminum powder-coated housings and tracks. Comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

“COOL” Screen Doors Typically Ship In 2-3 Days

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Door Size

Width: 32″ – 36″ X Height: 80″

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Genius COOL Retractable Screen Door – For Sliding Doors

COOL Single Retractable Screen Door by Genius

Retractable Sliding Screen Doors for Sale Online

Offering innovative, fresh approaches to every screen door need is what we do best! DIY Screens Direct has the latest and greatest in its field: the COOL Sliding Retractable Screen Door. Its durable and sleek design enables quiet gliding open and shut capacity. Best of all, when you’re not using it, it simply retracts and stores into the frame. You can have crisp fresh air and clear beautiful views of your yard with the comfort and ease of a sliding retractable screen door system. COOL’s ergonomic design makes it versatile and strong without sacrificing eye appeal! 

Best Custom Retractable Sliding Screen Door

Do you have a gorgeous patio, porch, or backyard? If you do, then you’re sure to want easy access to your view and yard without any hassle. The solution? A retractable screen door! 

Sliding doors that retract into the frame when not in use offer you ease of use, comfort, and convenience all in one! There are many benefits of installing a retractable sliding screen door in your home.

  • Comfort: You’ll enjoy complete air circulation along with UV inhibitors in the paints and resins which optimize comfort. 
  • Durability & Strength: These retractable patio screen doors are made of durable fiberglass. With aluminum housings and tracks that are powder coated for ease of use and strength, longevity is the name of the game.
  • Convenience: Our full-view retractable screens tuck away with smooth retraction and no banging when they’re not being used. The spring tension enables easy one-handed operation, and the mechanical latch and lock are simple to use.
  • Versatile Options: COOL sliding retractable screen doors are available in white and install over sliding patio doors that are 32” to 36” wide x 78” high. We also offer custom-sized retractable sliding screen doors for sale online. Just send us your measurements and we’ll take it from there!
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty: Our promise to you provides all the assurance you need to feel secure in your wise choice to invest in a COOL retractable patio door.
  • DIY Installation Sliding Screen Doors: The best part? Our custom sliding retractable screen doors are installed with just one power screwdriver and five easy components. It will only take you about 30 minutes. It’s that simple! Our screens have an adjustable handle orientation and they easily fit on all sill types (flush, short, and long). The COOL retractable sliding screen door is the easiest sliding screen door to install and anyone can do it! The ability to install the sliding door on your own rather than paying an expensive professional is truly priceless!

Sliding Retractable Screen Door

With all the clear benefits of a Genius sliding retractable screen door, the decision is easy! Click or call DIY Screens Direct today to get your perfect retractable sliding screen door solution. It will be delivered directly to your doorstep without any hassle or stress on your part. Then simply install your new sliding door with just a few easy steps and one power tool. Yes, it’s really that easy! Your dream screen is just a click away when you choose DIY Screens Direct.


Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 86 × 8 × 8 in

White, Sandstone, Brown


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