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DIY Screening Tools


Are your window or door screens in desperate need of replacement or repair? DIY Screens Direct has a huge variety of replacement window screens, replacement door screens, window screen kits, do-it-yourself replacement screens, door screen replacement kits, and just about every type of window screen mesh you could imagine! Our online inventory is second to none and gets delivered directly to your doorstep! If your honey-do list is endless, make your life easier with easy-to-install screen replacements and long-lasting window or door screens from DIY Screens Direct. 


Once you’ve completed the ordering step, then you’re ready to install! Our replacement screen mesh or screen repair kits are always quick, done in just a few simple steps, but there are some tools that can make the process even easier! 


If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you know the value of having the right tools for the job. Replacing, repairing, or putting in new window screens or door screens is no different. You’ll save time and effort with the right tools. DIY Screens Direct has the most crucial screening tools that any do-it-yourselfer will benefit from. Check out our vast selection!

Screen Roller

Shop DIY for the best screen spline tools on the market. Our screen spline installation tools make your task simple and save you valuable time. What is a screen roller? A spline roller is a uni-tasker which means it only serves one purpose. However, it makes life much easier on a screen installation job! Also called a spline roller, it is a small hand tool used to press screen mesh and spline into the edges of a window frame. 


A standard spline roller has a wooden handle with a metal wheel on each end. One wheel has a thin, flat edge and the other has a grooved edge. The grooved edge (or concave wheel) presses the screen into the channel. The flat wheel (convex wheel) pushes the spline and the screen below into the channel. It’s a unique tool that is irreplaceable in the screen installation process. 



Hacksaws are useful for any number of home improvement tasks as a metal, plastic, or woodcutting tool that features a solid metal frame and a fine-toothed blade. In the screen frame world, hand hacksaws aid in cutting window frame material (and the frame itself) to length with a smooth cut. This is important for the overall look of your screen!


Most hacksaws have a C-shaped frame that holds a blade under tension. Their handles, usually a pistol grip, have pins for attaching a narrow, replaceable blade. The frames may also be adjustable to accommodate blades of different sizes. A screw or other mechanism puts the thin blade under tension. The blades can usually be mounted with teeth facing either toward or away from the handle, enabling the cutting action to be a push or a pull.


DIY Screens Direct offers the best hacksaw for cutting metal and the best hacksaw blade for aluminum as many of our screen replacement kits are made of those materials. Our directions indicate how to use a hacksaw and increase the ease of the installation process.


These are just a few of the amazingly helpful tools DIY Screens Direct has to offer! More to come…