Porch Screening Solutions

Highest quality custom built porch screens add value to your home.  Buy with confidence from DIY Screens Direct.  Our products are guaranteed.

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  • Genius Olympic Pull Down Retractable Screen

    Genius Olympic Pull Down Large Opening Retractable Screen

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  • Genius Sierra 800 for Large Openings

    Genius Sierra 800 for Large Openings

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  • Genius Sierra 800 for Medium Openings

    Genius Sierra 800 for Medium Openings

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Porch Screening Solutions

DIY Screens Direct can help you meet all your porch screen needs. If you’re tired of fighting off the intense sun, no-see-ums, and other bugs while attempting to enjoy time outside, or if you’re sick of sagging porch screens, you will find the answer to all your screen problems here. If you’re simply wanting more privacy, more airflow, and higher climate control, your porch screen enclosure needs will be met. DIY Screens Direct can provide custom-fit porch screens to fit any size porch opening, from small, to medium, to large. Constructed with the highest caliber of standards, the screens provided by DIY are safe and versatile for your specific needs.  DIY Screens Direct screens provide you with the durability to withstand all weather conditions and most importantly,  good value quality products to fit any budget. Browse the options to meet your diverse needs, from porch screen panels to porch screen kits. These can help convert your porch, deck, gazebo, breezeway, outdoor living area, or patio into an enclosed area perfect for enjoying time outside. Besides the functionality and enjoyment that can be provided by porch screens, increased home value is an added benefit. This can all be done without sacrificing your view of the outside world. Having trouble deciding what would be the best fit for you? Discuss your options with our experienced professionals who are only a phone call or click away.


Patio Screen Options

Tired of walking the aisles at Home Depot or Lowes? Look no further, DIY Screens Direct can meet your every need, right here, online, without taking a step outside your front door. If you’re searching for easy installation porch screen kits, you’ll find one to meet your needs or you can have a custom-built screen system. You can select from those options that allow for self-installation or you can bring in a team of professionals, both resulting in a clean and beautiful appearance. If low price point and value are of the most importance, search the vast array of cost-efficient patio screen options. DIY Screens Direct can provide you with a variety of options of material, color, and style for your porch enclosure. Select from panels, full enclosures, retractable, prefab screens, to permanent screening systems, all with easy installation options. Another factor to consider is whether you prefer a permanent porch screen system or one that is retractable and can be adjusted as the situation requires. A wide range of material options are available, from aluminum, mesh, polyester, fiberglass, or fabric, to vinyl. Ease of use and functionality are also important factors to consider. You can choose a system that is recessed or surface mounted, depending on what appearance fits your deck best. DIY Screens Direct can meet your every porch screen system need with a team of dedicated professionals standing by to answer any question and solve any problem you may have. One of the best potential porch screen solutions is do it yourself porch screen kits.


Patio Screen Kits

These are the perfect times to enjoy some sunshine on your newly screened patio! Patio screening kits are the easy, fast, and reliable way to screen in your outdoor space and keep out those unwanted bugs! DIY Screens Direct has extensive expertise in porch screening systems and as our name implies, we have a wide variety of DIY screen patio kits. Find the patio enclosure kit that is just right for your porch.


We make do it yourself patio screening simple and fast. With one simple click, you’ll have the porch screen kit of your dreams on its way to you. Complete with clear, concise instructions and everything you’ll need, DIY Screens Direct is your one-stop shop for screen porch systems. Bask in the beauty of the great outdoors without the pesky bugs that come with being outside!


Benefits of Patio Screen Kits

The outdoor patio screening world can be easy to navigate with the right patio enclosure kit. Most importantly, there are a number of benefits to having your patio screened. DIY Screens Direct provides every opportunity to make your porch your favorite spot!


A Safe Outdoor Environment for Children & Family Quality Togetherness!

In these times, you may find yourself at home a lot more. Are the kids getting antsy and needing outdoor time? Create a safe, fun play environment for the whole family with a patio enclosure. Family games, a great meal together, or fabulous “unplugged” conversation time can all be enjoyed on a screened porch.


Comfortable Outdoor Living Space

Your comfort is our primary goal at DIY Screens Direct! Perhaps you haven’t been using your patio because it is too hot, not private enough, or has too many bugs. By screening your patio, you’ll keep those pesky bugs away! Weather is kept at bay and enjoyed from the comfort of your outdoor living space. An additional bonus is that our top-quality screens enable privacy on your lovely deck. Convert your porch to the best spot in the house with a DIY Screens Direct back porch kit.


Increase the Value of Your Home with Extended Space

Making the most of your home environment is an important element of your home comfort and value. When you install a do it yourself porch screen kit, you infuse both these aspects into your home. Not only will you love the fun enclosed outdoor area, you’ll also increase the value of your home with extended usable space.


Use Your Patio Year Round

Besides extra space, a screen enclosure for your patio adds value by enabling you to use the space year-round. No longer will you have to worry about swarms of bugs, the sun beating down on you, or rain pouring in, your screened patio is usable all year long!


Whether you’re looking to get some much deserved quiet time for yourself or an additional family play space, a screened patio is the solution! Simply visit the one-stop shopping spot online at DIY Screens Direct and find the porch screen system that creates the porch, deck, patio, or outdoor living area of your dreams.