Pleated Single Panel Retractable Door Kit

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  • Customize Your Pleated Screen: With the Sheer Screen Advance by Genius, you can order a completely customized screen size. It also self-adjusts to fit uneven or odd-shaped openings.
  • Easy Operation: This screen opens easily and smoothly over the flat bottom guide with just a touch. Completely wheelchair accessible.
  • Simple Kit Installation: For home improvement DIY-ers, this screen is a perfect choice, as it is simple to install and can be customized. 
  • No Trimming Required: We can even do the trimming for you for a small additional fee. Simply select NO under “Will you do the resizing?”
  • Shipping Note: Regular ground shipping is the only option for Genius Retractable Screens. Please avoid selecting another shipping method which may result in a delay.
  • *Important sizing note: The height of your door must be at least 10″ more than the width of your door. For instance, if your door is 75″ tall and 65″ wide, this is a fantastic product for you! However, if your opening is 75” tall and 76″ wide, this door will not work in your space.

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This stylish and cool pleated screen door has it all!



Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 86 × 8 × 8 in

3 reviews for Pleated Single Panel Retractable Door Kit

  1. BEN (verified owner)

    The service was good. I would have rated it great, but the retractable screen door took about 2 weeks to ship. It shipped right from the factory, not from DYI Screens. I had no notification of a shipping delay. Not sure if the delay was with DYI screens or the manufacturer.

    The product is an excellent design. Just perfect for my use. The quality assurance, not so good. When I opened the box, I found the cassette had a ding about 3/8″ wide x 1/8″ deep near where you screw on the handle. Fortunately, it’s just cosmetic damage. The door works fine. The door came in a cardboard box with extra enforcing at the edges, so it was packaged very well. And box had no signs of damage. To put such a ding in the aluminum, the box should have been severely damaged. But it wasn’t. The box was in perfect shape. The damage must have been there before it was boxed. This was not a cheap door. You would figure they would do a better inspection before packaging.

  2. Marilee Berry (verified owner)

    -The cutting that DIYScreensdirect did was great!
    -Once installed, the screen door operates correctly: Smooth and stable.
    -It arrived with a few errors:
    –The allen wrench supplied did not fit the set screws: slightly too small. Luckily, we had one that fit.
    –The Cassette Lock arrived broken and missing a screw. Luckily, we did not intend to use the lock.
    –One of the Top Guide End Caps had a broken tab.
    -The instructions for the Cord Holder have some issues:
    –Step 6A says to slide the cord holder all the way to the side guide channel. But it can’t go ALL the way because the tabs that hold the Top Guide End Cap are already in the top channel, blocking it. We removed the cap to allow the cord holder to slide that remaining inch.
    –Step 6C says to slide the Cord Lock toward the Cassette until the cord is taut and tighten the set screws. But to get access to the set screws we had to remove the cassette from the brackets.

  3. Janice Stires (verified owner)

    The screen door is shipped directly from Genie, so DIY doesn’t really have anything to do with the instructions, but that was the only down side. However, I love the screen and it was well worth the wait and the price. Way cheaper to buy here and install yourself. About 1/2 the cost of having someone else do it.

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