Phifer PetScreen®

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Phifer PetScreen®

As a pet owner, you love that your furry friend is part of the family! Yet the reality remains that they may have caused major stress on screen windows or doors in your household. DIY Screens Direct has the solution for any active pet owners who are tired of replacing their screens! Our heavy-duty resistant material ensures fresh air and direct access to nature (for you and your pets) without having to replace it constantly.

Affordable Pet Screens

Tired of the constant wear and tear your furry friend has on your home screens? We get it. That’s why DIY Screens Direct is committed to providing the best pet screen mesh options at affordable prices. What type of screens are best for pets? Besides the fantastic price-point, all the screens we offer are durable, heavy-duty pet resistant screens. Gone are the days of constantly replacing your screen door or window when you get the most reliable pet screens like Phifer PetScreen!

PetScreen® Pet-Resistant Insect Screen is:
Heavy duty insect screening
Made of strong, vinyl-coated polyester
Resists damage by pets
Infused with Microban antimicrobial product protection
Available in black and gray

Best Pet Screen Rolls

When you shop at DIY Screens Direct, you have access to the top rated pet screen mesh fabrics. One of the most popular mesh screens for pets is Phifer PetScreen. These pet resistant screen mesh rolls come in a variety of sizes so that you’re sure to find one for your opening, including custom fit pet window and door screens! Simply measure your opening with the help of our handy measuring tips, send in your customized pet screen needs, and we’ll have it sized to your specs and on your doorstep in no time! Other selections include:

36 Inch x (Custom Cut Length) – Phifer PetScreen
48 Inch x (Custom Cut Length) – Phifer PetScreen
60 Inch x (Custom Cut Length) – Phifer PetScreen
72 Inch x (Custom Cut Length) – Phifer PetScreen
36 Inch x 100 Foot Roll – Phifer PetScreen
48 Inch x 100 Foot Roll – Phifer PetScreen
60 Inch x 100 Foot Roll – Phifer PetScreen
72 Inch x 100 Foot Roll – Phifer PetScreen
Window screen mesh for cats
Pet proof screen material
Aluminium screen mesh for pets
Dog proof screen mesh
…and more!

All You Need to Know About Pet Screen

Have some questions about pet resistant screens? We have answers!

Are pet screens worth it?
Your four legged friend is a significant family member and probably loves unlimited access to the outdoors. They also may love wreaking havoc on your screen window or door! An active household, along with furry friends can make keeping an intact screen seem impossible! Not any more. DIY Screens Direct has the solution you need: Phifer PetScreen! It’s the best heavy duty pet resistant screen material that allows you all of the fresh air you desire without pesky insects or constant replacement. Now that’s worth it!

How strong are pet screens?
Pets are cute, cuddly creatures. Yet with their sharp nails and teeth they can cause a lot of damage to your screens which is why pet screens are designed with durability in mind. Made from polyester yarn coated with PVC that’s about seven times stronger than regular screen material, this animal-resistant screen fabric will stop your cats or dogs from tearing up your home!

Is pet screen stronger than aluminum?
PetScreen is made from vinyl coated polyester, which makes it much stronger than traditional fiberglass or aluminum screening. In fact, it’s 7 times more durable and strong than your average screen mesh!