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  • 100 Foot DIY Roll Charcoal Aluminum Insect Screen 18 X 16 Mesh



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Phifer’s Aluminum Screen mesh

Aluminum Screen Mesh

Searching for the perfect aluminium window screen mesh product? Then look no further than right here at DIY Screens Direct, where you will find a great array of Phifer’s aluminium screen mesh to meet your every screen need! Looking to replace the screens in a window, door, or patio? Wanting to enclose your deck with screening in order to keep out unwanted insects and pests? Then DIY Screens Direct has what you’re looking for! We provide the finest Phifer’s aluminium screen rolls, Phifer screen wire, Phifer screen door, frames and so much more! Choose from our wide selection to meet your every aluminium wire mesh screen desire. 


Benefits of Aluminium Mesh Material

You  may be wondering why Phifer’s aluminium screen mesh is the answer for all your window, door, and porch screen needs. First of all, the aluminium mesh material comes in a variety of finishes so that your home can maintain it’s gorgeous appearance and decor style. Phifer’s aluminium mesh screens come in black mesh, charcoal screen, or even a bright aluminum silver cast finish. Not only does this aid in keeping the lovely outside appearance of the home, it also allows for the clearest of views through the screen, depending on your use and surroundings. Not only does aluminium mesh help hold the look of the home and the view through the aluminium wire mesh, but also open ventilation is a result of utilizing Phifer’s aluminium screens


Besides the great look and feel of aluminium mesh, another benefit is the sturdiness of wire mesh screens. This prevents rust from forming on the screen, as well as ease of cleaning the screen (simply wash with soap and water). This means the aluminium mesh screens are incredibly low maintenance and make window, porch, and other enclosures simple and easy to keep clean and clear. Additionally, Phifer’s aluminium window screens will not sag or slump over time. Due to the thickness and quality of aluminium material, no rust will form and this also helps with the longevity of the product which is phenomenal! 


Why Choose Aluminium Mesh Screens

There are a variety of uses for Phifer’s aluminium screens. First and foremost, keeping unwanted insects out of the home and enclosed places is the most crucial aspect of aluminium mesh screens. This can be done by utilizing Phifer’s wire screen mesh for windows, doors, and patios. You can also enclose gazebos, large open living spaces, wrap around porches, and stand alone patios. 


Beyond the more expected, typical uses, believe it or not, you can use Phifer’s aluminium mesh for some very unique scenarios. Some of these more surprising uses include room dividers, fencing, shelving, and even in construction projects such as inside ceilings, walls, and plumbing! Its versatility and wide array of opening sizes makes it perfect for many jobs both around the home and in commercial scenarios.

Overall, Phifer’s aluminium mesh screen is a great all around product for all your screening requirements! Find the perfect color, opening size, and construction techniques in various styles and designs for yourself today at DIY Screens Direct!