Milano 200 Custom Double Panel Retractable Screen Door Kit

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  • Double Panel Retractable Screen Door Kit: Customized to cover openings ranging from anywhere up to 99″ tall and 107″ wide, our double retractable screens are unbeatable! When not in use, you can hide the screen by retracting it into its housing with a speed-controlled touch. 
  • Durable & Versatile: Our Milano 200 retractable screen kit fits both in-swing and out-swing screen doors, as well as recessed or surface mounted applications.
  • Easy Installation: Shipped as a complete kit, you’ll appreciate the ease with which this screen system is installed.
  • Shipping: Ships usually within 1-2 weeks. Regular ground shipping is the only option available for this product. Any other shipping selection may result in delays.
  • Important Notes: Colors may show up differently on your monitor’s display, based on your specific color settings and resolution. This is a custom item, so by placing this order, you verify that all sizes and information are correct as listed.


Special Information for SLOPED WEDGE SHIMS: For proper installation, the bottom guide rail of your screen door will need a stable and level surface to rest on. Before ordering, you will need to determine the exact installation location for the screen cassette, which will influence the bottom guide. If the surface is sloped, you will need to level the surface with sill shims.

  • If you are not purchasing a sill transition, you will need to order the wedge shim for use with the traditional bottom guide.
  • If you require a narrow sill transition, you will need to order the wedge shim for use with the narrow threshold transition.
  • If you have a medium sill transition, you will need to order the wedge shim designed for use with the Medium Threshold Transition.

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This is a custom product and all sales are final. No returns or exchanges of custom products. Take time to measure and order carefully to ensure you receive the product that will work best for your needs. We will do our best as a resource for each customer to provide suggestions and general guidelines about each product. The final decision about screen specifications and dimensions is the sole responsibility of the customer.





14 reviews for Milano 200 Custom Double Panel Retractable Screen Door Kit

  1. Jolene L McKinsey (verified owner)

    Thanks to the Office staff that made our discussion to use your product because of her knowledge and helpfulness. The Product is just what we were looking for and works great. Thank you for a completely satisfying experience.

  2. Grace Staller (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the screen door, it fits perfect,
    even the installer liked how it fit.

    Thanks for having this product

  3. Doug Jester (verified owner)

    Delivery was timely as promised.
    Product fine.
    Installation instructions could be better

  4. Shawn Chaney (verified owner)

    While the overall end result is a nice screen door – the instructions fail or are downright missing in several areas.

  5. Sylvia Tuthill Aguirre (verified owner)

    Screens fit perfectly and are of excellent quality. Very satisfied with them and the customer service I received from your representative who guided me through the measurements. She was outstanding! would recommend this produce, which I have and you should be getting an order from a friend of mine who lives in Georgia.

  6. Kristy Miklas (verified owner)

    Getting it installed is another issue though. The instructions were unclear at times, screws that were not long enough were provided, parts were incorrect and the threshhold was not cut to size just to name some of the issues that we had. So all-in-all, the installation was a frustrating experience. However, once we got it installed (after about 5 hours), it is fully functional and works great. I love the retractable screens that disappear into the casing when not in use. It is something that we will enjoy for years to come.

  7. joe shahan (verified owner)

    I was pleased to find your website offering custom screen doors to fit my application. I had tried the home store here and they only had standard sizes. the information on measureing and ordering was clear and concise. the product arrived within 2 weeks and the installation was easy with the instructions given. I had some trouble with one door closing and received quick response from the company on trouble shooting the problem. now we are enjoying our evenings without the uninvited pests of the night.

  8. Gary (verified owner)

    I was nervous about ordering ‘sight unseen’ but I am very pleased with the product I received.

  9. Scott Weddle (verified owner)

    Product was as advertised and installed without much consternation despite poorly written instructions. Make sure you are careful with the plastic parts during install, but once in place, there should be no issues.

  10. Paul Boggs (verified owner)

    I am extremely happy with the quality and functionality of the new screens. I needed 3 but wanted to put 1 in to make sure it was what I was looking for. Less than an hour after the installation I ordered the next 2. Thanks for a great product!

  11. James (verified owner)

    Easy install, good product, fit as ordered.

  12. Mary Gifford (verified owner)

    The screen door that is stationary gaps open–top and bottom, is not retracting and falls out of its structure. It is poorly assembled and we would not buy this product again and would warn people from buying it. We would like to return it.

  13. Jennifer O’Connell (verified owner)

    The customer service I received from Lynda was superior; she was the reason I placed an order. She went above and beyond. She was INCREDIBLY patient and is a huge asset to this company!! As for the install, it was a little tricky due to the weak brackets. We found that we needed to slightly bend the brackets to get the door to install, so I would suggest including stronger brackets with a few slightly different angles to accommodate all door fittings. Luckily, the door is locked in with additional screws, but this needs improvement. Lastly, the vinyl slide bolts that anchor one door in place are essential. They slip out of place constantly, bend, and are way too flimsy. Please let us know if you can design something with better stability!! We would be most appreciative and would certainly re-review this item!

  14. Matthew Talbot (verified owner)

    The door works. Unfortunately the packing was not done well enough and it was dropped at some point. This caused some damage to the bottom of one side. Fortunately I was able to work around the pieces of plastic that broke off and was still able to assemble it.

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