DIY Solar Window Screen Kits

Looking for a way to reduce the amount of sun and heat coming into your home through your windows? Installing window solar screens may be the perfect solution for you. Solar screens from DIY Screens Direct are an easy, affordable way to make your home more comfortable and can even help reduce your energy costs. Plus, they’re an attractive addition to any home! If you’re interested in buying a solar screen kit, keep reading to learn more about your options.

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Benefits of Solar Window Screens

Solar window screens are a great way to keep your home beautiful, comfortable, and energy efficient. By installing a window solar screen kit, you greatly reduce the amount of heat and harmful UV rays that enter your home in the summer. Added bonus: solar window screen mesh helps keep the warm air from escaping in the winter and always keeps the bugs from entering your home. Not only will this save money on your energy bill, but it will also extend the life of your air conditioning and heating unit. In addition, window solar window screens can help protect your furniture and flooring from fading in the sun. If you’re thinking about installing solar window screen mesh in your home, you’ll gain all of these tremendous advantages.

Best Place to Buy Solar Window Screens

When you order from DIY Screens Direct, you are giving yourself the gift of ease! Rather than gathering required materials from a long list and trying to interpret a list of complicated instructions to install solar window screens yourself, get one of our solar window screen kits! Our years of experience in the screen industry have resulted in a kit creation that simplifies this potentially complicated and difficult process. Just order a solar window screen kit and it’ll be delivered directly to your door with everything you’ll need to easily install new solar window screens. It’s that simple!

What’s included in a solar window screen kit from DIY Screens Direct? Each kit includes a complete screen frame (4 pieces) 7/16″ X 1″, Solar Screen Cloth Suntex 80% or 90% (your choice of color), 4 screen corners, black screen spline, your choice of screen hardware, an economy roller, and complete instructions.

Have an odd-shaped or size window? Don’t worry! DIY Screens Direct offers custom sized solar screens for both windows and doors. Our Custom DIY Solar Window Screen Kits are manufactured to your specifications using a heavy duty 7/16″ x 1″ frame. As mentioned above, the kit comes equipped with everything you need to complete your DIY solar window screen project. We do all the cutting, drilling, and punching, so all the hardware is built and ready for you to assemble and install. Another great reason to buy solar window screen kits from DIY Screens Direct? We offer the largest selection of color and hardware options on the market. Your new solar window screens will enhance the beauty of your home, integrating seamlessly into your aesthetic while keeping the sun and pests at bay! Sounds pretty fantastic, right? Simply browse our affordable solar window screen options today!