Pets Screen Doors & Mesh

Don’t miss the fresh air from outdoors in fear your pet will destroy the screens on your door. Let DIYScreensDirect help you select a durable, custom-sized, pet-proof screen which will hold up against the wear and tear of everyday use.

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  • 100 Foot Rolls – Phifer PetScreen

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  • Phifer PetScreen – Custom Cut Length

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  • Screen Fit™ Pet Door

    Screen Fit™ Pet Door

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Pet Screen Doors & Mesh

Your furry friend is a significant part of the family and probably loves unlimited access to the outdoors. Is your loving pet wreaking havoc on your screen window or door? An active household, along with four-legged friends can make keeping a screen intact seem like an impossible task. Not anymore! DIY Screens Direct has the solution you’ve been hoping for! You can have the fresh air and direct access to the great outdoors that you’ve been desiring without the constant replacement needs. Our heavy-duty pet resistant screen material is just the ticket!

Pet Resistant Screen Options

Designed specifically with pets in mind, we have several options to suit your needs. Our only goal at DIY Screens is to get you outfitted with the best pet proof screening choice for you! Made with the highest quality heavy duty pet mesh, we offer:

  • A pet proof retractable screen door
  • Pet proof sliding screen doors
  • A single or double pet resistant screen door
  • All sizes of pet resistant window screen
  • Screen doors with doggie door built in
  • Screen doggie door inserts
  • Dog proof screen mesh
  • Cat proof screen material

And so much more! Regardless of your specific need, we have you covered. Our made-to-fit custom pet screen kits make sure you can find the perfect fit for your opening. We sell pet resistant screens by the roll, ranging from 36-inch width to 70-inch width. Or get a custom-fit pet screen mesh to perfectly match your door or window. Have a unique-sized door? DIY Screens Direct rolls are a perfect solution. Need a double panel screen door? DIY Screens Direct carries those. Want a retractable pet proof screen door? DIY Screens Direct can help. What are the many benefits of pet screens for porches, windows, or doors?

Affordable Pet Screens & Easy Installation

Never replace a flimsy, poor quality screen door because of pet-damage again! Avoid costly replacements for pet-destroyed screen doors by allowing DIY to custom-fit a high-quality, pet-proof screen door that will last for many years to come. We pride ourselves on providing high quality, durable pet screens that allow you the benefits of a screen door, such as fresh air and insect control, without fear of your dog or cat ruining your investment.

Don’t waste money on a professional installation when the perfect fit can be easily achieved with our pet resistant screen products. Screen installation is a breeze with our easy-to-understand installation instructions. In just minutes, using minimal (if any) tools, you can have a perfectly fitted screen that your furry friend can’t destroy!

Aesthetically Pleasing Screens for Pets

Many people think they must sacrifice the look of a screen door to find one that can withstand a busy household, high traffic areas, and pets. Although our doors are heavy duty and are designed to withstand biting, scratching, and tearing from the largest of dogs, and climbing and hanging from cats, they are also designed to be aesthetically pleasing – a perfect complement to your home design. Also, our pet-proof screen doors don’t hinder outdoor visibility so you can maintain that view you love. Don’t buy a pet proof screen that takes away from the look of your home. Ours will blend seamlessly into your home, entryway, or back patio. Screen pet doors for patios are specially designed with looks in mind!

Pet Screen Door Inserts

DIY Screens Direct also sells pet screen doors for owners that want to have a well-designed, custom-fit, durable door but also want to let their cat or dog have some freedom. Our Screen Fit™ Pet Door installs directly into the screen. It features magnetic closure and dual-side locks. And like all our screens, it is extremely easy to install and made to last. Give your beloved pet the gift of free-roaming without fear of constant screen mesh damage.

Customers continue to sing the praises of our pet-proof, custom-fit, easy to install screen doors. These custom-fit screen doors will prove as tough as the most energetic cats or dogs. By buying from DIY Screens Direct, you will be satisfied with the perfect product at the perfect price. Best of all, it will flow seamlessly with the beauty of your home! Gone are the days of constant screen replacement…click to pick your pet screen today!